Rules & Terms

Our terms and conditions constitute the rules of entry in these awards. Please ensure you have read our terms and conditions prior to entering the Awards.

NAB Professional Services Awards 2018


  1. Survey process means the collection of client opinion through an online survey by FirmChecker.
  2. Survey data means all information collected through the survey or surveys on the FirmChecker website.
  3. Awards refers to the NAB Professional Services Awards. The National Australia Bank (“NAB”) is proudly supporting the Awards, while FirmChecker owns the Awards and conducts the associated research.

Terms & Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions apply to applications for the NAB Professional Services Awards, irrespective of whether a firm’s application has been accepted or not.
  2. The owner and researcher of the NAB Professional Services is Firmchecker Holdings Pty Ltd (“FirmChecker”) (ABN 20 619 401 580) of Level 9, 9 Yarra St, South Yarra VIC 3141.
  3. Updates to the rules of entry may be posted on the NAB Professional Services Awards website, at To the extent of any inconsistency between information in these terms and conditions and the NAB Professional Services Awards website, the information on the website will prevail.
  4. FirmChecker will acknowledge all applications within 7 days of receipt. If you have not received acknowledgement within 7 days, you should contact FirmChecker or your firm may not have been included in the Awards.
  5. FirmChecker may disqualify an applicant or reject an application, including an application that has previously been accepted, where the applicant has not complied with these Terms and Conditions, or where FirmChecker believes it is necessary in order to protect the integrity of the Awards and the survey process. This would include, without limitation, where FirmChecker believes the applicant has invited an unrepresentative sample of client contacts or manipulated their responses.
  6. Firms and practitioners may notify clients in advance that they will be contacted as part of the firm’s participation in the Awards. However, FirmChecker requires that no gifts or inducements are offered to clients to elicit positive reviews. Evidence of such conduct may result in your firm’s disqualification, and revocation of any awards previously given.
  7. Applicant firms must use the prescribed email templates provided on when asking their clients to participate in the survey. These templates may be personalised for individual respondents, but must not be altered in such a way that the nature or content of client responses are influenced.
  8. Applicant firms hereby agree to adhere to the client email invitation schedule (+ or – 48hrs for any given email date) set out on
  9. To ensure the integrity of ratings of firms, FirmChecker will audit all firms’ respondent sample, to ensure that it is a representative or randomly chosen sample of the applicant’s actual clients to whom the applicant has provided services in the past 3 years, and has not been manipulated in any way deemed by FirmChecker to unfairly enhance the applicant’s chances of winning. FirmChecker may disqualify applicants or exclude ratings or client contacts if it believes that the information provided is biased.
  10. FirmChecker and NAB disclaim all liability to applicants in relation to representations made in relation to NAB Professional Services Awards, except those liabilities which cannot by law be disclaimed. In particular, FirmChecker and NAB disclaim any liability for the accuracy of survey responses, and the choosing of winners. Applicants waive their rights to injunctive relief in relation to NAB Professional Services Awards, the survey process or use of the survey data, including an injunction to prevent the publication of Awards data.
  11. As the research depends upon an individual client being prepared to rate professional service providers, FirmChecker make no representation regarding the availability of client rating data in relation to a particular firm, practitioner or applicant.
  12. As the survey process depends on third parties’ willingness to respond to an online survey, FirmChecker cannot guarantee that sufficient rating data will be collected to:
    1. Identify finalists or winners of the Awards,
    2. Include applicant firms in the Awards, or
    3. Provide the performance ratings of individual firms.
  13. Where FirmChecker suspects an individual has rated an applicant firm more than once, FirmChecker may exclude that individual from the survey process and disqualify the relevant applicant firm, if FirmChecker deems it necessary to preserve the integrity of the awards.
  14. Respondents invited by an applicant firm may be invited by other applicants, and therefore may choose to rate the performance of a firm or practitioner in addition to or instead of a particular applicant.
  15. FirmChecker reserves the right to not select winners or finalists in any Awards category.
  16. FirmChecker is the exclusive owner of the survey data and any intellectual property rights in the survey data and the survey process. FirmChecker has the exclusive and unlimited right to publish all reviews, ratings and results on its website at FirmChecker’s unfettered discretion for any purpose.
  17. FirmChecker retains the unfettered discretion to include additional Awards categories and host further Awards events at any time.
  18. FirmChecker’s interpretation of the current Australian Privacy Principles complies with the standard practices of recognised market research agencies. Our interpretation is there is no privacy-related difficulty that precludes firms from participating in the NAB Professional Services Awards. This is because for the purpose of the Awards, clients are volunteering their contact details in participating in the survey. FirmChecker’s parent company, Beaton Research + Consulting, has been strictly adhering to Australia’s privacy legislation, and diligently ensuring the security of its data, since 2003.
  19. FirmChecker will not sell or provide respondent details to third parties under any circumstances for any purpose, except with the express consent of individual respondents.
  20. Winners and finalists will be contactable by Awards partners after the judgment of the Awards.
  21. FirmChecker will not disclose the details of any survey participants, who will remain anonymous at all times unless they give their express consent to be identified.
  22. By entering the Awards, firms warrant that their revenue for the most recent financial year did not exceed $30m. Firms who breach this warranty will be disqualified from the Awards process.
  23. All awards applicants agree to receive promotional content from NAB.
  24. Our entry-price guarantee is contingent upon entrants making their best efforts to elicit a response from clients. Specifically, the entrant firm must update its DNS records in accordance with the instructions on the Portal FAQ section of this website, and send invitations from its own email domain. Further, at least 50 clients must be invited to complete the Awards Survey.
  25. By entering the Awards, you agree to receive emails, newsletters and blog updates from FirmChecker.

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