Survey invitation templates

Telling your clients in advance

You should let your clients know in advance that you will invite them to participate in the survey. Increasing the proportion of your clients that respond has two benefits:

  1. Your Awards entry is more likely to be competitive; and
  2. You will get a better representation of how happy your clients are, and areas in which your firm can improve.

Client Notification Template

Inviting your clients to complete the survey

Our survey invitations are pre-formatted for your convenience. Providing you have uploaded your survey list in correct format, your clients details will automatically pipe into the email template ensuring it is personalised, and that you get a good response rate.

We strongly recommend that you invite all clients within a certain time period. Note only will it make you more competitive in terms of sample size, more importantly, it will make your feedback significantly more useful.

Reminding your clients

By email

This is taken care of by our survey tool. When you click ‘Remind’, our tool will automatically send a personalised reminder email to those who have not completed the survey. Those who have completed the survey will not be included on this email.

By other means

You may remind your clients by other means if you wish, such as phone call, in person or using flyers in your office. In doing so, direct them to their personalised survey link that you’ve emailed them.