A proactive approach makes Propeller Advisory a winner with clients

November 7,2018

An unwavering focus on being proactive and making life easy for clients has led to business advisory services firm Propeller Advisory being named Best Accounting Firm (Australia) in the 2018 NAB Professional Service Awards.

Propeller Advisory is a boutique business advisory services firm headquartered in Melbourne and servicing clients nationwide, with most of its clients being small businesses.

Its suite of customised services for its growing number of clients includes Virtual CFO; Cloud Accounting Services; Business Advisory; Accounting and Tax; Bookkeeping and more.

propeller advisory
Katie Bryan, Founder & Principal of Propeller Advisory

The Professional Service Awards, announced on 30 October 2018, are proudly sponsored by Principal Partner NAB and are adjudged each year by independent comparison company FirmChecker. The awards are based solely on direct feedback from the clients of firms which enter the awards, thereby ensuring that those who know the business get to judge the business.

Propeller Advisory founder and CEO Katie Bryan said she was delighted to learn that clients had rated her firm’s focus on being proactive and making life easy so highly.

“This sort of feedback from clients is fabulous as it is exactly what I set out in business to do,” Ms Bryan, a Chartered Accountant, said.

“We have really embraced that our point of difference – what defines our service model if you like – is to be proactive and to make things easy for people.”

To achieve these goals, Propeller Advisory works hard to fully understand how each of their clients’ individual businesses work, as opposed to other business advisory services which offer only a one-size-fits-all approach.

They then couple this individualised knowledge with the latest technology to deliver crucial and timely information and feedback to clients, all aimed at helping them improve their daily operations.

“I was fortunate enough to grow up in an entrepreneurial, business-focussed family so I know that unless you get to know how a business actually works on a day-to-day basis you can’t really help,” Ms Bryan said.

“I also worked in the accounting industry for about 10 years before I decided to start my own business, and the reason I established  Propeller Advisory was that I saw a huge gap in the market because older style business advisory firms weren’t embracing the technology that’s now available to us, and not really servicing their clients’ needs because of that.”

Propeller Advisory uses the latest cloud-based technology to provide clients with regular reports on their business as well as comparing this data to other businesses in the same sectors so that they can benchmark how they are performing compared to their competitors.

Crucial to getting to know how their clients’ businesses work is getting to know about the people who own, manage and run these businesses.

“A huge point of difference for us is our relationships with our clients,” Ms Bryan said.

“A lot of our clients come on board initially as a client but very quickly turn into friends, and I think this is because we show a genuine care for them and put their interests at the centre of everything we do for them as individuals and businessowners.”

“My clients know they can contact me at any time with any query big or small because they know that that we are genuinely there to help them and that we have a real care for them and for their needs.”

Ms Bryan said that while Propeller Advisory has a wide range of clients, the majority of its clients were women business-people.

“My women clients tell me that when they used to go see male accountants and business advisors they were made to feel that their businesses were ‘a bit of a hobby’ and they were not taken seriously,” Ms Bryan said.

“Whereas, at Propeller Advisory we value all our clients, male and female, as individuals, and we respect all the hard work that has gone into them getting their businesses to where they are today.”

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