NAB Professional Services Awards

NAB is the Principal Partner of the Professional Services Awards. NAB is proud to support these awards, and to help recognise the outstanding contribution of Australia’s professional services firms to the small to medium business sector – a key driver of our economy.

The Awards research is conducted independently by FirmChecker, a separate and unrelated company to the National Australia Bank. FirmChecker will not divulge your clients’ details to NAB, or to any other third parties, without their express consent.

Accredited law, accounting, conveyancing and bookkeeping practices with annual revenue under $30m are eligible to apply.

Note that if your firm operates within a franchise or network of firms, each practice within the network is encouraged to apply separately. This will give your firm more chance of winning, and maximise the relevance of the Awards to those who matter – the clients.

Awards will be given for each of the Accounting, Law, Bookkeeping and Conveyancing. Sub-category awards for Private clients and Business clients related matters will be judged automatically by client responses within each profession, as applicable. Awards will be given on a State/Territory and National basis

Entering different offices of your firm separately:
Yes. When submitting your application, please indicate the specific office location for which you are applying, in the format of {Firm name – town, suburb, etc}. For example, “FirmChecker_Melbourne”. Each firm’s office will be eligible for awards in the state in which they are located.

Entering in different categories:
No. You will be automatically considered for either Private clients or Business categories depending on the feedback received from your clients on specific matters. Therefore, it is important that you encourage all your clients to complete the Awards survey! See the template on our website for how you should notify your clients of the survey in advance.

No. Your firm’s name will only be visible to other applicants if you are celebrated as a finalist or winner, or after the fact of the Awards should you choose to participate in the FirmChecker website (see “About FirmChecker”).

If your firm is part of a franchise or network of firms, you must submit an application for each office.

Yes – you may have several responses from the same client organisation, as long as they are different individuals who have used your services within that organisation.

For the avoidance of doubt, one individual may not submit more than one response to your firm’s awards survey.

It is extremely important that you carefully follow the steps for application, as we will have a high volume of applications and cannot guarantee that your mistake will be rectified, which may harm your chances of winning.

The research is conducted by FirmChecker, the owner and independent research of the Professional Services Awards.

The research for the Professional Services Awards will be conducted from September-November 2018. During this period, FirmChecker will gather responses from actual buyers and users of professional services firms. Respondents will be asked to rate the firm’s performance in delivering services on a range of criteria including quality, service, value for money, and price.

Your firm’s unique survey link will take your respondents to the secure web-based survey. We employ a number of measures to ensure that (1) each respondent completes only one survey and (2) imposters are not able to bias the survey.

The survey takes only three-four minutes.

We don’t prescribe a minimum size, but we strongly recommend that your survey list includes at least 100 clients for each entry, as you are very unlikely to be eligible for an award with fewer than 30 respondents.

To keep the Awards process fair, we will not divulge the contents of the survey ahead of time. Generally speaking, the survey questions focus on value, service and areas of expertise.

At the commencement of the survey process, all applicant firms will be provided with their firm’s unique survey URL, and a PDF of the questions that are being sent to clients.

Yes – in fact, we encourage you to do so. Response rates are significantly higher when survey invitees are aware that they will be invited to give input ahead of time. Please see our Notification Template on our website.

When you have entered the Awards, you should notify your clients that you have entered using this email template.

If you are unfamiliar with mass-mail-outs or don’t have an organised client list, we have provided some handy resources to help you collate your list.

Finally, after the application period, we will provide you with a template for inviting your clients to participate in the survey, and your firm’s unique survey link. We will also provide you with reminder templates designed to maximise your clients’ response rates, based upon our years of experience in market research.

Once the survey is complete, winners and finalists will be analysed and announced on our website and on NAB’s website. A report will also be made using aggregate data for each profession.

Note that your clients will have the option to remain anonymous in reviewing your firm, helping to ensure the candidness and integrity of the Awards process. Your results will be available to you after the survey should you opt-in to FirmChecker.

For those who opt-in to the FirmChecker service, survey responses will be published on FirmChecker in March 2018, helping amplify your firm’s message, strengthen your brand, win more work and improve your cash flow. For more information, see FirmChecker FAQs on this website.

Aggregate survey data will be analysed in the form of industry insight reports.

Firm-level survey responses will be made available to individual firms when they are given the opportunity to opt-out of FirmChecker after the Awards process is complete. See “About FirmChecker” for more details.

FirmChecker will use information collected from your clients to verify the legitimacy of their responses and to ensure the integrity of the Awards process. All information is given voluntarily by your clients, and is held securely, confidentially and anonymously – unless your clients give express consent otherwise.

The Awards research is conducted independently by FirmChecker, a separate and unrelated company to the National Australia Bank. FirmChecker will not divulge your clients’ details to NAB, or to any other third parties, without their express consent.

Winners and finalists will be announced on the NAB Professional Services Awards website, on the NAB website and in Inside Small Business’ magazine and website – ensuring that your success is celebrated in front of the people who matter – your clients.

We also encourage you to make the most of your Award! Finalists and Winners will receive an Awards certificate for foyer display, and NAB Professional Services Awards Finalist and Winners logos which can be used in email footers, client pitches, your website, advertisements, banners, billboards, and all means of celebrating.

No – in consultation with stakeholders, we have decided that winners and finalists can enjoy the benefits of their success without an Awards event, which would impose travel time and costs on many applicants.

FirmChecker is the owner and independent researcher of the Professional Services Awards. See “About FirmChecker” for more details.