How it works

is your independent feedback tool


for the NAB Professional Services Awards

No lengthy submissions
No expensive dinner
No judging panel
Real-time client engagement data and benchmarked client feedback

Awards Process: 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Sign up & Set up

1. You’ll be given secure, private portal access when you sign up for the Awards. 

2. After you sign up, there will be an easy, 5 minute set up process. This should be a breeze for you or your IT Manager, but we’re on hand if you get stuck. This only needs to be done once, and will be valid for future years. 

Step 2: Upload your survey list

1. Upload your survey list to your secure & private portal, using the CSV template we provide you.

2. Only you can see this list (even we can’t!). Your list will be hashed, encrypted and stored only temporarily, much like if you use a CRM or Practice Management System. 

Step 3: Send your surveys

1. Click send.  Our tool will ‘ping’ email addresses to ensure that they are valid, making sure you have great deliverability across your list. 

2. Your survey invitations will come from your name, and your email address. Our survey tool will send a personalised email to everyone on your list.

Step 4: Track your progress

1. You’ll have complete visibility over bounce rates, open rates and click rates.

2. See which of your clients have completed the survey. 

3. In just one click, our tool will automatically remind all clients who haven’t yet completed the survey

Step 5: View your results

1. After the survey period is completed, and the Winners are announced, you’ll get full access to your clients’ feedback, seeing what you’re doing well and in what areas you can improve.

2. Past entrants have found the feedback process invaluable.

Additional benefits

Free FirmChecker Profile, helping your firm boost its online presence
Ongoing, live feedback if you subscribe
Free Awards Entry in 2019 for subscribers