When was the last time one of your clients said thank you?

July 16,2018

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Saying thanks to your clients, colleagues and employees is important. But how often do clients go out of their way to thank you? What do thanks mean to you?

As a business owner, I am sure you are thankful for the clients, colleagues and employees that help your firm succeed. Saying ‘thank you’ is an important part of running your practice. And so it should be.

What do thanks mean to you?

But, how often are you thanked? And how meaningful is it when your clients give you and members of your firm positive feedback? The answer tends to depend on what type of firm leader you are.

Firm leader archetypes

The ‘Entrepreneur’

For those more focused on the bottom line, thanks may be neither here nor there.  The success of their firm speaks for itself. If you create a consistently good client experience, you’ll get repeat business and word of mouth growth. If you don’t, you won’t have longevity in your practice, particularly in a buyers’-market characterised by enormous choice for the clients. Repeat business is all the thanks you need.

The ‘Professional’

For many, it’s the satisfaction that comes with delivering results for clients per se that matters. The money takes care of itself. For the Professional, an overt expression of appreciation can remind you why you’re in the game that you’re in.

Where do you fit?







Of course, few firm leaders fit neatly into either archetype. Even the most hard-nosed ‘Entrepreneurs’ appreciate thanks from their clients, and ‘Professionals’ who understand value-based pricing know that they can run a successful business while achieving great results for their clients. However, while it’s somewhat of a false dichotomy, we expect you could place yourself broadly in one camp or the other. No doubt, you can recognise these archetypes in members of your team.

For both types of firm leader, seeking client feedback and sharing it with your team can be incredibly rewarding and motivating. For the ‘Professionals’, client feedback shows that their work is valued, and instructs how they achieve even better results for clients. For the ‘Entrepreneurs’, it can show them that they’re on the path to success and give them a roadmap for how to achieve it.

While it means even more if it is spontaneous, you may find that by simply asking your clients what they think, you get the thanks that you and your team deserves.

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