About FirmChecker

FirmChecker is the owner and independent researcher of the NAB Professional Services Awards. Our mission is to help professional services firms and their clients do better business – reducing search costs by matching the right clients with the right firms.

Like TripAdvisor for tourism and Zomato for restaurants, FirmChecker will help professional services firms amplify their messages to their target market, using client feedback to improve their service and value by becoming ever-more competitive. As such, we will help you gain ongoing leverage from the client feedback gleaned in the Awards.

After the Awards, we’ll feature you on FirmChecker, helping you amplify your brand, win more work and significantly improve your cash flow.

Should you be uncomfortable with your feedback, your firm may opt-out.

If you’ve not previously participated in the Awards or FirmChecker, you can list your firm here.

Yes. FirmChecker subscriptions are very cost-effective and allow you not only to take bookings to generate leads, but also to respond to reviews online. This will help you maximise the benefits of positive word-of-mouth, and turn your clients into raving fans.

Good, bad or ugly, it’s better to know. Negative feedback is an opportunity to retain a client that you might otherwise have lost.

That said, we expect you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the positivity of your clients’ feedback.

Your clients will be given the option of being anonymous when they complete the survey.

No, unless clients give their express consent.